Upscaling of vinegar processes through fermentation of coconut and pineapple substrates Collaborator 2014-2015 RMK 10 Pre-Commercialization
Upscaling of non-diary yogurt ingredient through fermentation of coconut by- product Collaborator 2014-2015 RMK 10 Pre-Commercialization
Teknologi Pemprosesan Cuka Kelapa Berkualiti Tinggi dan Menepati Piawaian Komersial Collaborator 2012-2013 RMK 10 R&D
Pembangunan Ekstrak Bioaktif dari Penapaian Beras dan Testa Kelapa untuk Industri Kosmetik Collaborator 2011-2012 RMK 10 R&D
Isolation and Identification of LAB Strains from Fermented Rice Bran from Commercial Available Cultivals in Malaysia’ Project leader 2009-2010 MARDI Development Fund (WRM) R&D
Elucidating the potential of tannase production from agri-industrial by products via SSF Collaborator 2017-2018 FRGS R&D
Development of Topical Anti-aging Cosmeceutical Formulation from Schizophyllum commune Collaborator 2016-2019 RMK 11 R&D
Development of Probiotic Formulation for Starter Cultures, Food Ingredients and Ready-to-eat Products Collaborator 2013-2014 RMK 10 R&D
Development of high value bioingredient for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical from rice by products (rice bran, broken rice and brewer rice) Sub-project leader 2016-2018 RMK 11 R&D
Development of functional food product from selected local underutilize fruits through fermentation technology Collaborator 2016-2018 RMK 11 R&D
Development of Antioxidant Rich Products from Local Fruits’ Collaborator 2007-2008 RMK 9 R&D
Develoment of Plant Bioreactor Technology for the Production of Fragrance Compounds From Michelia alba’ Collaborator 2005-2006 RMK 9 R&D
Collection Centre for Functional Food Culture (CFFC)-Isolation, Screening, Identification and Characterization of Functional Food Culture Collaborator 2011-2012 RMK 10 R&D