Validation of DNA fingerprinting for selected commercial mango varieties Collaborator 2017 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Technology Development & Scale Enhancement of Specialty Paddy Project member 2018-2019 MARDI DEVELOPMENT FUND R&D
SSR annotation from P6 and P8 maize genome sequence for disease resistance and early flowering trait. Collaborator 2019 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Optimization of High Throughput DNA Extraction Protocols for Rice Seed Project leader 2015-2017 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Marker (SNP and SSR) mining from MD2 (pineapple) genome Collaborator 2019 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Genetic Diversity of MARDI’s Tomato Collection Project leader 2017 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
DNA Fingerprinting of Pineapple Commercial Varieties in Malaysia Project leader 2016-2017 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
DNA Fingerprinting of Malaysian Rice Released Varieties Using SSR MArkers Project leader 2015-2017 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
DNA Fingerprinting and Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary history study of Channa striata (Haruan) in Malaysia. Collaborator 2014-2016 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
DNA Barcoding of Malaysian Taro Collaborator 2018 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Discovery of functional markers related to abiotic traits in rice Collaborator 2018-2019 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Discovery of Functional Markers Associated with Apparent Amylose Content (AAC) in Rice Project leader 2018-2019 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Development of genomics and genetics database for crops, livestock and aquaculture using knowledge based approach Collaborator 2014-2015 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Development of Fingerprinting SNP Panel for Malaysian Rice Varieties Collaborator 2015-2017 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Development and identification of DNA marker targeting biotic trait (bacterial leaf blight, brown planthopper and blast resistant) in rice Collaborator 2018-2019 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Development and Evaluation of Molecular Markers Linked to Southern Leaf Blight disease resistance in Maize. Project leader 2018-2019 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Conversion of rice SNP markers into PCR-based markers using dCAPS method for commercial rice varieties Collaborator 2015-2017 NKEA (EPP14) R&D
Assessment of Genetic Variations on tissue culture plant materials of MD2 pineapple. Project leader 2019 NKEA (EPP14) R&D