Utilization of Sarawak’s rice for food products Sub-project leader 2011-2015 Sub-Project NKEA, Entry Point Project 11 (EPP11). (Project code TM2.4.14) R&D
Quality characterization of Sarawak's milled bario rice varieties Project leader 2009-2011 Science Fund Project under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) (Project code RF2206SF10) R&D
Portable dehydrator for stingless bee honey - Dehydome Collaborator 2018-2019 MARDI MyInofund research. (Project code K-RF188-1401-KSR999) R&D
Evaluation of nutritional value, physico-chemical properties, sensory characteristics and total phenolic content of Sarawak's indigenous Bario rice (Adan Halus veriety) Project leader 2008-2010 MARDI research project WRM. (Project code J-JF178-1401) R&D
Effect of processing and storage conditions on the quality of dabai pickle and frozen dabai puree and its further utilization Collaborator 2009-2011 Science Fund Project under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). (Project code RF2201SF10) R&D
Development of ultimate healthier kek lapis as MARDI’s corporate gift Collaborator 2012-2013 MARDI research project. (Project code TP-RF-0016) R&D
Development of particle suspension beverage with prebiotic properties Collaborator 2018 - Present MARDI Research Project under Penjenamaan madu kelulut dan pembangunan produk makanan kesihatan berasaskan madu dan hasilan sampingan kelulut. (Project code K-RF-175) R&D
Development of juice pearl kit Collaborator 2018-2019 MARDI and Ministy of Industrial Development & Entrapreneur Sarawak. (Project code KSM-178-1401-KSR999) R&D
Development of instant cendol Collaborator 2018-2019 MARDI and Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (DBKU). Project code K-TP179-1401-KSR999) R&D
Assessment of Sarawak's indigenous pepper plants (Piper spp.) for their potential as functional ingredients (anticancer and anti-inflammatory) in selected food products Collaborator 2014-2016 FRGS of Ministry of Education (MOE). (Project code FRGS/1/2014/SG03/MOA /02/1) R&D
Application of eggplant powder in Sarawak's layered cake with anti-hypercholesterol potential Collaborator 2013-2014 Sub-Project Mega EPU. (Project code P-RF-159-1401-P20999) R&D