Studies on management for conservation of tropical peatland Project member 2006 to 2010 RMK9 MARDI Development Fund (RM9-79) R&D
Restoration of tropical peatland to promote sustainable use of renewable natural resources (RESTORPEAT) Collaborator 2007 to 2009 RESTORPEAT International Project EU (NI/0063/10) R&D
Potential of industrial crops as greenhouse gas emission mitigation strategy on tropical peat soil Project member 2013 to 2014 RMK10 Mardi Development Fund (P-RS146C) R&D
Nutrient management for selected local rice varieties in Batang Lupar Collaborator 2016 Mardi Development Fund EPP11 (K-RIN09) R&D
Evaluation of peat filter for laboratory wastewater treatment and volatile chemical adsorbent Project leader 2008 to 2009 MARDI Short Term Grant (JP-RS-0132) R&D
Evaluating the effect of clinoptilolite zeolite addition in NPK fertilizers on the growth performance of papaya cultivated on peat soil Leader 2018 to 2020 RMK11 Mardi Development Fund P-RS402C (Sub-Project Activity 3) R&D
Development of selected fruit production systems to address the effects of climate change Project member 2018 to 2020 RMK11 Mardi Development Fund P-RS402 R&D
Assessing the potential of pineapple leaf ash, air-dried peat, and clinoptilolite zeolite as nutrient adsorbents and greenhouse gas mitigation tool in cultivated tropical peatland Project leader 2015 to 2018 Ministry of Higher Education (FRGS/1/2015/WAB01/MOA/02/2) R&D