The ecogeographic distribution and assessment of the diversity status of tempunik (Artocarpus rigidus), terap nasi (A. elasticus), kulor (A. camansi) and bangkong (Artocarpus integer var. sylvestris) in Peninsular Malaysia Collaborator 2006-2008 ScienceFund R&D
Seeds and agrobiodiversity of germplasm for genetic resources Collaborator 2015 RMKe-10 (Projek Mega) R&D
Product development based from Taman Tasik Kenyir (TTK) Project member 2014 RMKe-10 R&D
Inventory and agrobiodiversity exploration in Tasik Kenyir Collaborator 2014 RMKe-10 R&D
Farmers’ Documentation of Traditional Knowledge (TK) of Rare Tropical Fruit Species Diversity for Enhanced Use in Malaysia Collaborator 2010-2012 Industrial fund R&D
Discovery and validation of SSR markers for Durian from MARDI germplasms. Collaborator 2014-2017 NKEA R&D
Development of National Genebank Project member 2015 RMKe-10 R&D
Development of Kenyir Tropical Garden Project member 2009-2012 Terengganu State R&D
Development of cryopreservation technique and conservation of plant genetic resources Collaborator 2013-2014 RMKe-10 R&D
Development and analysis of agrobiodiversity database Collaborator 2016 Development and analysis of agrobiodiversity database R&D
Conservation, Bioprospection and Production Technology of Novel Fruits Collaborator 2016-2020 RMKe-11 R&D
Conservation and Use of Rare Tropical Fruit Species Diversity with Potential for Enhanced Use in Malaysia Collaborator 2006-2009 Industrial fund R&D
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Cultivated and Wild Tropical Fruit Diversity: Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods, Food Security and Ecosystem Services Project member 2009-2014 UNEP/GEF R&D
Collection, conservation, characterization and evaluation of Baccaurea species Collaborator 2006-2010 RMKe-10 R&D
Collection, Characterization and Evaluation of Two Baccaurea Species, Baccaurea macrocarpa (tampoi) and B. motleyana (rambai) in Peninsular Malaysia Project leader 2007 Short term grant R&D
Collection of Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) in Malaysia Sub-project leader 2015-2018 GCDT R&D
Chemical properties and bioactivity compounds from underutilized fruit species Collaborator 2015 RMKe-10 R&D
Bioprospection and domestication of high nutritions traditional vegetables Project member 2016 RMKe-11 R&D
Biodiversity and Evaluation of Rambai (Baccaurea motleyana) and Tampoi (B.macrocarpa) in Peninsular Malaysia Project leader 2006-2009 ScienceFund R&D
Agrobiodiversity Information System Collaborator 2006-2010 Short term grant R&D